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News 01.05.2018

Started by RonnyLange1 2018-05-01 at 20:35
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I would like give some Information to you about RevShare’s, Withdrawal times and Payment Provider
We change the maximum Number of the RevShare’s in the currently Memberships.


Standard Membership: max. 100 piece – new max. 25 piece
Simple Membership: max. 250 piece – new max. 300 piece

Wealth Membership 30 max. 2500 piece – new max. 3000 piece
Wealth Membership 90 max. 2500 piece – new max. 3000 piece

The Change the maximum Shares takes place to 15.05.2018

The Withdrawal times and the maximum Amount will be active instantly.

Withdrawal times:

Standard Membership: 14 Days
Simple Membership: 7 Days
Wealth 30 & 90 Membership: 7 Days

Payout will be checked and settled manually within 72 hours - 14 days (business days) No Payouts on Sunday and Holidays.

The maximum Amount for every Payout:

Standard Membership: 15.00 Euro every 14 Tagen
Simple Membership: 100.00 Euro every 7 Tagen
Wealth 30 & 90: 450.00 Euro every 7 Tagen

The Changes you can find too in the Terms of Service.

The Payout Values will check regular and adjust, depending on Number and value of the RevShares which are in circulation.

Notes for all RevShare Owner. Please activate the Credits for the PTC area, cause therefor are the RevShares designed to.

Payment Provider

We will deactivate Coinbase, because Coinbase has make some change and we must check with our Setting.
If I’m sure again, then I will activate Coinbase instantly without a new Announcement.

User Account – Deactivated

After of 25 Days inactivity will be a User Account deactivated.

Thank you
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